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Think Yourself Confident

Jul 30, 2020

Who's doing some home renovation right now? Who started some project? Who's rearranging the basement? Who's reorganizing the drawers? How about you also start a Self-Renovation as well? Any negative self-talk or bad habit that needs to go? Learn how to reinvent yourself with this episode.

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Jul 23, 2020

How much more could you get done if you had a personal assistant? Well, you do have one, you just didn’t know.  Learn how to talk to your personal assistant to make sure they understand exactly what you want instead of working in the background on making happen what you DON’T want.


Do not miss these key...

Jul 16, 2020

What to do when you work super hard, you have zero life balance and you feel like you're getting further away from your dream life?  How do the two parts of your brain, the logical mind and the unconscious mind, work together and sometimes, against you?

Do not miss these key points:

  • The logical mind can only handle 5...

Jul 9, 2020

Many of us have said to ourselves “You’re not good enough” or “You are not going to make it”.  Probably more times than we care to admit as well.  I know I used to listen to my negative self-talk and that is what drove me to study neurosciences and create a system to transform my inner language. Welcome to...